Soft Nail Caps for Cats - 20pcs + 1x Adhesive Glue + 1x Applicator

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Once these soft nail caps are gone, they're gone! 

Does your cat like scratching on your furniture or walls rather than the scratching post you bought for him/her, specifically for that purpose?

Some people deal with this issue by having their cats declawed, a terrible thing to do to an animal that relies so heavily on its nails. 

A far better solution is to use soft nail caps which slide over the nails, protecting them and your furniture. Good for you. Good for your cat.

Solid Colors

Grey, Gold, Electric Green, Light Pink, Glow in the Dark Green, Blue, Sky Blue, Rose, Princess Pink, Red, Black, Orange, Green, Purple, White, Golden Yellow, Neon Yellow, Orange Peel.

Glitter Colors

Purple Laser, Silver Laser, Gold Laser, Rose, Gold, Blue, Silver, Light Pink, Green, Red, Violet, Turquoise.

Soft Nail Caps for Cat - Size Chart

XS - Kitten : (less than 6 months old about 5 lbs / 2.5 kg)
Soft Cat Nail Caps will fit most kittens by the time they reach the age of 16 weeks (4 months). Some kittens can wear them as early as age 12 weeks (3 months). To test, try a nail cap on first without the adhesive. If it looks too big, don't glue it on. The nail cap should fit snugly, like a glove. To accommodate younger kittens, you can trim the base of the nail cap making it smaller so it will fit your kitten's nail. Kittens up to about 5 lbs / 2.5kg and/or 5 months generally fit the kitten size.
S - Small : (approximately 6 months old-approximately 6-8 lbs / 2.5-4 kg)
Some kittens at 5 months may need the small size if they are growing fast or are large-breed cats. Small-boned adult cats often wear the small size. If your cat seems smaller than an average full-grown cat, choose small.
M - Medium : (approximately 9-13 lbs / 4-6 kg)
Most adult average size cats wear medium.
L - Large : (approximately 14 lbs / 6kg and up )
Very large-boned and large-breed cats wear large. Maine Coons, for example, are very large cats and generally wear large.

What's In The Pack

1x 20pcs Nail Caps / set + 1x Adhesive Glue + 1x Applicator